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Changelog 3.0.0:

  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:——————————– Version 3.0.0 ————————————–

    + Compatible with MSI feature.
    + Add supportability with Grouped Product, Bundle Product, Virtual Product, Downloadable Product.
    + Worked with In Stock products.
    + Remaining preorder quantity will show in the admin panel.

    ——————————– Version 2.1.0 ————————————–

    + Compatible with Magento 2.3.*.

    ——————————– Version 2.0.6 ————————————–

    + Preorder Qty feature added.
    + Added Global and customer wise Preorder Fee feature added.
    + Preorder Order Status added.
    – Issue related with 0 quantity fixed.


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With the help of this extension, the store owner can allow the customers to pay for products which are not yet released on the store. If a product is out of stock, a customer can still add the product to cart and place the order. And once the product is back in-stock, the customer will receive an email notification.

Use Case:

Pre-orders are basically used for attracting buyers attention for upcoming products that’ll be added to the online store soon. Pre-orders are mostly used for products such as – movies, video-games, mobile phones, e-books, audiobooks.


  • A customer can place an order for out of stock products.
  • Pre-order module works with simple, virtual, and configurable product types.
  • The Admin can display a custom pre-order message on the product pages.
  • Enable pre-order status and set availability date for each product.
  • Configure full payment or partial payment (with percent) for pre-orders.
  • Allow free pre-order functionality with no advance payment.
  • Display free pre-order note on product pages.
  • Auto-email notification to customer when a product is available.
  • The Admin can manually notify the customers when a product is available.
  • Set sender email address for the notification emails.
  • Select email template for product in-stock notification.
  • Guest users can also create pre-orders.
  • Supports multi-language translations.
  • The source code is fully customizable.

Work Flow:

Before doing module configuration for pre-order, you need to display out of stock products. After that, go to Stores>Configuration>Webkul>Pre-order and configure pre-order settings.

You can select pre-order payment type as – full or partial payment. For partial payment, you can set a percentage amount like 40. Enter content for the pre-order message which will appear on all pre-order products.

Enable auto-email notification to customers when the product is available, set sender email address, add any note to the pre-order email, and select mail template.

There is an option to display the free pre-order message on product pages where a customer can pre-order a product without making advance payment. To do that, you need to set partial payment percent as 0 (zero).

Now, go to Catalog and edit any product, set Stock Status to Out of Stock, select Pre-Order option as Yes, and set a date for Product Availability from the calendar.

On the storefront, a customer will see the ‘Pre-Order’ button instead of ‘Add to Cart’ button. Also, pre-order message, free pre-order note, and date of availability will be visible on the product pages.

The purchase process for purchasing a pre-order product is same as of default Magento procedure. But, when the partial payment is configured, two orders will be created and managed.

In the first order, the customer makes the partial payment and places the order. When the product is available, the customer can make the remaining payment by going to order information page and click the ‘Complete Preorder’ button. After that, a product will be added to the cart whose price will be identical to the remaining amount which needs to be paid by the customer.


Using product pre-order module, you can add pre-order functionality to your Magento store. Pre-orders are essential for doing marketing of upcoming products which will be added soon. Also, if an existing product’s stock is depleted, the store owner can still accept new orders for that out of stock product and manage them efficiently.


You can check the live demo here.

Product Pre Order M2 Nulled Free Magento 2 Extension Nulled Identity

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