v.1.5.2 – Woocommerce Smart Refunder Free Download

*** WooCommerce Smart Refunder Changelog *** 2020.09.11 - version 1.5.2
* New: WooCommerce 4.2.2, 4.3.3, 4.4.1, 4.5.1 compatible
* Fix: Request refund button not working on WordPress 5.5+
* Update: Remove support for WooCommerce 2.5 and WooCommerce 2.6
* Update: POT file

WooCommerce Smart Refunder removes pain from the refund process – both for customers and store owners.

With WooCommerce Smart Refunder:

  • Customers can request a refund from My Account – easy, quick and complete
  • Customer get instant refunds if store owners opt in and the payment gateway supports it
  • Store owners can see refund requests in WooCommerce and process them manually, if instant refunds are unavailable
  • Store owners can issue cash refunds or store credits (need a separate plugin Smart Coupons)
  • Customers can request full or partial refunds
  • Order and pricing details are available for review
  • The process is quick, simple and automated


v.1.5.2 – Woocommerce Smart Refunder Download

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