STee Extensions Advanced Subcategory Grid v.1.0.3 M2 Nulled Free Magento 2 Extension

Changelog 1.0.3:

  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.2 2.3 2.4
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:+ Support for Magento2.4
    + Fixed issues related to category thumbnail resizing


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Advanced Subcategory Grid extension allows you to list all subcategories on the category page. The Advanced Subcategories Grid module can greatly simplify navigation process and improve customers shopping experience by listing all the subcategories on the category page instead of products. 

Advanced Subcategory Grid extension is highly customizable as it provides numerous customizable options in the administrative panel and supports subcategories to be listed for anchored and non-anchored categories as-well. These numerous customizable options turn this extension into great marketing tool and must-have for every online store.


  • Subcategory Grid: The administrator can choose to enable subcategory listing on specific categories by navigating to Catalog -> Category -> Display Setting -> Display Mode and set the display mode to Subcategory Listing only. This will allow subcategories to be listed on a specific subcategory only. 
  • Configurable Swatches: This extension allows the administrator can enable configurable swatches to be shown on the subcategory gird. These swatches are fetched from the configurable products of the subcategory and upon clicking on the swatch will fetch a product image and replaced the subcategory thumbnail with the image of the product. The administrator can select specific swatches to be visible on the subcategory grid and also set number of swatches to be shown in the grid with a ‘more’ link.
  • Minimal Price: This extension calculates the minimal price of the products within a subcategory and the administrator can choose to show the minimal price of the subcategory on the grid. The label of the minimal price is also customizable from the administrative panel.
  • Thumbnail: By default, the category image is supposed to be a banner image that is visible on the top of the product grid. This extension also provides a thumbnail image to be uploaded within a subcategory which will be visible on the subcategory grid. This feature allows the administrator to upload a separate thumbnail image for a subcategory that is visible on the grid. 
  • Product Thumbnail: The administrator can choose to show a product image on the subcategory grid instead of uploading a specific thumbnail for a subcategory. The image of the first product in the subcategory will be used on the subcategory grid if this feature is enabled. 
  • Sorting Support: This extension provides the customer with the ability to the grid by Position, Subcategory Name and Minimal price and also allows the customer to choose the sorting direction (Ascending & Descending) on the subcategory grid. 
  • Customize Grid: This extension provides the administrator with all the necessary options to customize the subcategory grid from the administrative panel. The administrator can
    • Choose between two different layouts (Grid and List View)
    • Set number of subcategories to be shown per page on the grid and list view
    • Set allowed pagination values for Grid and List view 
    • Set default pagination value for Grid and List view 
    • Set default sorting attribute

Please note that this extension may not be 100% compatible with your theme and may require you to modify the layout as per your requirements. 

Advanced Subcategory Grid v.1.0.3 M2 Nulled Free Magento 2 Extension Nulled Identity

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  • Current Version: Stable Build
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