Milople Request For Quote v.1.1.0 M2 Nulled Free Magento 2 Extension

Changelog 1.1.0:

  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:Magento 2.3 compatibility.


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With the help of this “Request for Quote” extension, the store admin can hide the product price on the product page and instead display a “Request for Quote” button along with a phone number. On clicking on the “Request for Quote” button, an inquiry form will pop up and customers will be able to enter their contact details and submit their inquiry regarding the product including product price.

All the submitted inquiries along with contact details of customers will be available to the admin in the backend admin panel which can be used for further communication with the customer. 

This “Request for quote” extension can be a great tool to generate customer leads for future engagement. It also helps in addressing the personalized demands of the customer.

How “Request for Quote” works?

  • Customers can click on the “Request for Quote” button on the product page to submit their inquiries and get a product quote. 
  • Customers can fill in their contact details and inquiries in an inquiry form that pops up on clicking the “Request for quote” button.
  • The admin can see all submitted inquiries in a backend grid. The customers are later contacted back by the admin for further communication.

“Request for Quote” configuration:

  • The “Add to cart” button can be replaced by “Request for Quote”, “Inquire now” etc.
  • A phone number can be displayed alongside the “Request for Quote” button on the product page.
  • The admin can also display a “Request for Quote” image to highlight this feature.
  • The “Inquire Now” label and “Call us on” label is customizable by the admin. The label colors can also be changed.
  • The admin can send an acknowledgment email to every customer who submits an inquiry. Acknowledgment email sender name, email ID, subject, the body can be defined at the backend.

More Features:

  • The admin can see all customer leads in a backend grid along with inquiry date and time.
  • An email address defined in the backend where the admin will receive visitor inquiry emails.
  • “Request for Quote” can be applied globally or to specific products and specific customer groups only.
  • Admin can customize the inquiry form title.
  • Admin can also add terms and conditions for the customers.
  • “Request for Quote” can be applied to the following pages and blocks:
  1.  Product page
  2.  Compare page
  3.  Wishlist
  4.  Category page
  5.  Upsell products and related products
  6.  Advanced search list
  • This extension supports multiple languages.  

Supported product types:

  • Simple products
  • Virtual products
  • Configurable products
  • Grouped products
  • Bundle products

Request For Quote M2 Nulled Free Magento 2 Extension Nulled Identity

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  • Current Version: Stable Build
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