MailChimp for WooCommerce Memberships Nulled v.1.3.1

*** Mailchimp for WooCommerce Memberships Changelog *** 2020.09.30 - version 1.3.1 * Misc - Remove the SkyVerge help menu item as part of the add on assets

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Mailchimp for WooCommerce Memberships helps you communicate more effectively with the members on your site. Previously, to get member data set up in Mailchimp, you had to perform CSV exports for members, upload these exports to Mailchimp, and manually change merge tags to be able to create effective member segments.

No more! Mailchimp for Memberships seamlessly updates member data for you in your subscriber profiles, ensuring Mailchimp data is always up-to-date with your latest membership list and statuses. Keep segments auto-updated, and make it simple to email targeted groups of members on your site.

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