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When customers visit a store, they consult reviews and check ratings before making the final purchase. Customers search for useful and credible information about the products and services, and the most reliable source of information is the opinion of other people. This extension aims to create and collect detailed customer reviews in one’s store.

To make your customers’ reviews detailed, create additional fields possessing questions about the product. It’s been proven, that people tend to give information more eagerly when they are asked about it. Detailed customer reviews increase the conversion rates of the e-store.

They also help the store get a better search ranking, by collecting user-generated content, which is of a higher priority for search engines. With the ‘Detailed Product Review’ extension, you can create a customer review form, according to your needs, and manage its content as well as your store’s conversion rates and reputation.

Detailed Product Review helps you:

  • create a flexible detailed review form, which can vary even per product category,
  • make a well-organized structure of customers’ review content,
  • improve the UI of reviews,
  • protect reviews from inadequate visitors,
  • make customer reviews visible to the search crawlers.

Customer Features:

Ability to Create Custom Fields

The ability to add custom fields improves your review form, helping collect relevant user-generated content more. ‘Detailed Product Review’ helps create different types of review fields and add them to the review form. These can be text fields, text areas, ‘Yes/No’-fields, dropdowns, multiple select list, and visual swatches.

Configurable Fields & Field Validation Rules

Set up configurable fields or field validation rules for different field types. You can choose a field’s maximum and minimum length or validate a URL.

Create a Review Form per Category

The extension allows to set up specific review forms per every product category. A personal product category form helps highlight specific product’s characteristics. It is important when you sell clothes and shoes, smartphones and laptops, or any other goods, which drastically vary in their key characteristics.

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