MageComp Restrict Cash On Delivery v.1.0.1 M2 Nulled Free Magento 2 Extension

Changelog 1.0.1:

  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:– Compatible with Latest Magento 2.3.x


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With the evolution of E-commerce, mobile wallets and net banking payment transactions are growing sequentially, but still, cash on delivery remains first to pick for the customers.  There’s no point in contradicting the fact that Cash on Delivery became the biggest game-changer for an online E-commerce store, which offers the hand to hand delivery and flexible payment option once the product received by customers.  There are many reasons plays an essential role in the success of cash on delivery payment method like less secure online payment methods, less knowledge of lack of trust in online payments and fear of fraud. Cash on Delivery is convenient for buyers but extremely inconvenient for the store owners.  Because of two-way courier charges, harsh cash handling and sometimes realization of money takes too long.  That makes it difficult for them, and they need to turn off cash on delivery options for some of the locations. 

Restrict Cash On Delivery extension by MageComp allows users to check cash on delivery payment method availability using their zip code and let store owners restrict the COD payment method for specified locations. Using this extension, store owners can display estimated delivery time as well as a custom message for availability and unavailability of cash on delivery for user convenience.  The extension features to upload bulk zip codes using CSV file to restrict cash on delivery to save time. Store admin can quickly add, remove or change zip codes using backend zip code manager and can even set custom estimated delivery time.

Why Choose Restrict Cash On Delivery?

  • Convenient Backend option to enable or disable extension from store backend.
  • Option to allow zip code checker functionality on the store product page.
  • Store admin can restrict cash on delivery to more than one location by uploading CSV file from store backend.
  • The extension allows you to set an estimated delivery time for each zip code using zip code manager.
  • You can set custom availability and unavailability message for better understanding in the store frontend.
  • The extension will automatically hide cash on delivery payment method if cash on delivery is unavailable for the asked user location. 

How It Works:

Once you have installed this extension, you need to enable it from the store backend.  After that, you can facilitate zip checker functionality on a product page and display estimated delivery time if required.  Now it’s time to restrict cash on delivery by adding a zip code to zip code manager or by uploading CSV file as per your convenience.  Once you configure all the things, your customer will able to check cash on delivery functionality directly from the product page.  On the availability of cash on delivery extension let store customer move towards checkout process otherwise it will automatically hide cash on a delivery method from payment options.

Live Extension Demo:


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MageComp Restrict Cash On Delivery v.1.0.1 M2 Nulled Free Magento 2 Extension

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  • Current Version: 1.0.1
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