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Changelog 1.3.8:

  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:– Fixes showing terms agreement checkbox


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Koren Estonian Banklinks & Credit cards for Magento allows your customers to pay with Estonian banklinks (SEB, Swedbank, Coop, LHV, Luminor (Nordea), Pocopay & Liisi). Credit card payments (Visa / Mastercard) can be made via Nets Estonia.

This extension includes 8 different payment methods, including Liisi which enables paying in installments.

Customers can choose from enabled payment methods on checkout. After clicking on “Place order” button they are redirected to chosen provider website. Customer will authorise transaction and will be redirected back to your store. After that order will be marked as paid (processing), invoice and transaction automatically generated and marked as paid.

Activating Liisi payment method will allow your customers to pay in installments, while you get paid fully by Liisi.

The store admin can configure each payment method individually. Payment methods can be used separately, which means you don’t have to use all at once. Just activate methods you wish to offer for your customers.

This extension does not change any styles or layouts of your current store. 


You must have valid contract with every provider (what you want to use) individually. This includes public and private keys and merchant ID (VK_SND_ID). These are needed to configure payment method and activate it.

After this you are good to go!


This extension uses redirect method and therefore customers are not entering any sensitive data (credit card number etc) directly on store. All data is handled by providers where customer is redirected to. 

This means that you don’t have to worry about PCI Compliance because no sensitive information is never stored on Magento server. 

If payment is successful, only payer name and IBAN number is stored with transaction. This data is never shown outside of admin side and is merely saved for refunding purposes. 

Providers do not support automatic refunds. Refunds are sent directly from the merchant to the customer. Customer information (needed to refund) is stored with transaction (customer name and account IBAN).

Customer Usage Flow

  • Customer can choose from enabled payment methods. 
  • After clicking on “Place order” button, customer is redirected to selected provider website.
  • Customer will authorise payment on provider website.
  • Customer is redirected back to your shop.
  • Order is automatically marked as paid.
    • Invoice is automatically generated and marked as paid.
    • Transaction and it’s related data is automatically saved.

Liisi Payments By Installments Process

  • Customer selects Liisi as payment method.
  • Customer is redirected to Liisi.
  • Customer selects installments length (count).
  • Customer signs contract with Liisi.
  • Customer is redirected back to Magento.
  • Order is marked as paid.
    • Invoice is automatically generated and marked as paid.
    • Transaction and it’s related data is automatically saved.
  • Merchant gets full payment (order amount) from Liisi to merchant bank account. 


  • Easy configuration
  • PCI compliant
  • Automatic invoice creation.
  • Automatic transaction creation and saving related information.
  • Enable payment types individually.
  • Change payment methods display types: text, logo (small or large).
  • Limit by country.
  • Limit by minimum order sum.
  • Limit by maximum order sum.
  • Debug mode for testing (SEB, Luminor, Pocopay, Nets Estonia [credit cards]).
  • Supports different algorithms used by providers.


  • Price:$199.00
  • Categories:Extensions, Payments & Security, Payment Integration
  • Current Version:1.3.8

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