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Changelog 2.0.1:

  • Compatible with Open Source (CE) : 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3
  • Stability: Stable Build
  • Description:– Added: Convert images having single-quotes instead of double-quotes for src-attribute
    – Added: Input validations for checking if custom configs are valid
    – Improvement: Security Enhancements
    – Fixed: Issue with GD cannot convert some images
    – Fixed: Minor fix to improve lazyload support
    – Fixed: Show correct message when clear WebP Cache
    – Refactored: Comply with upcoming changes to Magento Coding Standard


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WebP is the Next-Gen image file format developed and recommended by Google. WebP Optimized Images extension for Magento enables you to use WebP in your store. Benefit from faster page load times and optimized performance.

With performance being critical for User Experience (UX) as well as for SEO rankings, this is an optimization opportunity that should not be missed by any store. Especially nowadays where Google puts more weight on performance as well as mobile experience assuming mobile/lower bandwidth users.

By deciding to use WebP in your store, you can not do anything wrong. Usage of WebP is recommended for example by Google Page Speed Insights as well as “Lighthouse” the performance audit tool included in Chrome Developer Tools, which is also used by Google internally for evaluating page speed, load times and performance of a site. But, not only Google will reward you with better rankings. Also, your customers will be grateful for faster page load times. As a result, you will see higher conversion rates. 

Furthermore, integrating WebP support to your store is as easy as it can get with our Extension. Of course, with no hidden costs or dependencies from any 3rd Party.
What are you waiting for? Get this must-have improvement today and enjoy the optimization results with minimum extra efforts and low risk. See below for details regarding the impressive improvements and possible file size reductions. Discover how easy to use but still flexible our solution is. 

Business Value & Feature Highlights

With WebP, the Next-Gen file format for images from Google, you can reduce your image file sizes without significant quality losses or even same image quality.
Optimized performance & faster load times for a better user experience and improved SEO Rankings.

  • WebP optimized next generation image files on your site
  • 75% and more reduced file sizes with the same quality
  • Rocket Speed: Faster load times by reduced data
  • SEO Optimization: Better rankings through better performance and faster load times
  • Automated conversion of existing .jpg + .png files
  • ~80% of all internet users are currently using WebP capable browsers
  • Compatible with all browsers (automatic fallback to .jpg/.png for browsers with no WebP support)
  • Supports three different conversion tools (GD, cwebp, Imagemagick)
  • Compatible with FPC / Varnish
  • Build-In conversion test & preview tool
  • Dedicated WebP Image Cache
  • Easy to use with pre-configured Base-Mode or
  • Full control with Expert-Mode
  • Quality Extension:
    Developed following Magento Coding Standards and with security in mind
  • Extension includes some checks to avoid conflicts / avoid issues with some edge-cases & customization’s
  • Advanced Configuration for flexibility for excluding certain images from being converted to WebP (Blacklist) and allow compatibility with some custom functions (e. g. some lazyload scripts) 
  • Completely local / on-premise solution
  • No additional cost or dependencies from external 3rd Party services

What Is WebP?

WebP is a modern image format supporting both lossy and lossless compression. It is developed and advocated by Google.  Thanks to its advanced compression algorithm it allows much smaller file sizes compared to .jpg or .png image files.

How Much Can File Size Be Reduced With WebP?

It is possible to reduce the image size by more than 75% with almost the same image quality.  See the links at the bottom of this page for comparison regarding file size and quality when applying WebP to Magento Luma demo product images.  Of course, the reduction in file size that can be achieved depends on your current images as well as your demands regarding image quality.  With our extension, it is easy to test and find the most suitable compression level with the perfect balance between image size and quality for your needs by using the integrated WebP conversion test tool.

Easy To Use + Full Control

We make it easy for you:
Just choose the conversion tool, configure the compression level according to your requirements – that’s it.
Do you want to have full control?
No problem: Just go for the Advanced / Expert Mode and fine tune the conversion with any configuration the conversion tools provide.
For easy testing our extension has a build-in conversion test & preview tool. Providing not only a quality comparison between original and converted image, but also allows easy checking if your conversion tool and conversion configuration are working correctly.

See the links at the bottom of this page for more info.

Low Costs And No Risk

With our extension, you are on the safe side.  There are zero hidden costs. No monthly fees, no fees for external conversion services whatsoever.  The conversion is done locally on your server, ensuring you are not dependent from any other 3rd Party services.  Hence, you will not have any risk or unexpected surprises when it comes to cost, quality or availability of other services when using our extension.

English / Englisch:

More details incl. numbers on file size reduction with WebP as well as quality comparisons between JPG and different WebP compression levels: 
About JaJuMa WebP Optimized Images Extension for Magento 2

 Our WebP Images FAQ

Extension Demos:

WebP Optimized Images Extension for Magento – Demo Frontend

WebP Optimized Images Extension for Magento – Demo Backend

WebP Optimized Images M2 Nulled Free Magento 2 Extension Nulled Identity

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