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importance of music

importance of music



importance of music in our everyday life? Music participation provides a unique opportunity for literacy preparation. Whether the children/teenagers/youth and even adults are singing, playing, or listening, some music  teachers may direct them to listen and hear in new ways which exercises their aural discrimination. also, adding movement to the lessons being taught about sequential learning which is essential in reading comprehension.

Plato once said that music “is a more potent instrument than any other for education”. You will find many teachers of young children who would agree with him. Recent research has found that music uses both sides of the brain, a fact that makes it valuable in all areas of development. Music affects the growth of a child’s brain academically, emotionally, physically and spiritually to driven out the importance of music.


Below are four strong point to prove the importance of music

Music is academic. For some people, this is the primary reason for providing music lessons to their children. A recent study from the University of California found that music trains the brain for higher forms of thinking. Second graders who were given music lessons scored 27% higher on proportional math and fractions tests than children who received no special instruction. Research indicates that musical training permanently wires a young mind for enhanced performance.

Music is physical. Music can be described as a sport. Learning to sing and keep rhythm develops coordination. The air and wind power necessary to blow a flute, trumpet or saxophone promotes a healthy body.



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more importance of music

Music is emotional. as part of the important of music,Music is an art form. We are emotional beings and every child requires an artistic outlet. Music may be your child’s vehicle of expression.

Music is for life. Most people can’t play soccer, or football at 70 or 80 years of age but they can sing. And they can play piano or some other instrument. Music is a gift you can give your child that will last their entire lives.


without going much further, we can now be so sure that music is of the mind and it is a good thing.


keep listening to music.

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