53 years old Man who battled High Blood Pressure for years, shares his story

53 years old Man who battled High Blood Pressure for years, shares his story

53 years old Man who battled High Blood Pressure for years, shares his story


“I Wish I knew Earlier That Most Medications and Painkillers I Was Using For My High Blood Pressure Were Doing More Harm Than Good “

A Man went online to narrate his story on how he suffered from High Blood Pressure for years and was saved by a special combination he came across while scrolling on Facebook.

According to 49 years old Akin, High Blood Pressure has been an ailment that took his happiness and comfort away for years.

He is a father of two and lives in Kogi state.

He is a civil servant and was living happily with his family until everything went sour at about 6 years back.

Hear what he says….

“Good day, I am Akin, I want to tell you something that will save you from High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) forever.

Around March in 2016, I was diagnosed with High Blood Pressure, at the Federal Medical Center, Lokoja in Kogi state.

At first, I didn’t take it seriously, until it almost ended my life around December 2020 after the corona period.

I did everything humanly possible to reverse my blood pressure but all did not work.

At first, I started taking painkillers because the headache was just too much.

But later on, it got worse when I could not breath properly which led me to go to the hospital,

Where they told me that my Blood Pressure was extremely high at 175/120 mmHg.

I was experiencing severe headaches, irregular breathing and was finding it hard to sleep well at night.

I was admitted for awhile and was given some medications .

I used the medications consistently, Amlodipine (5mg or 10mg) to be precise amongst others.

These medications helped in managing it but I was experiencing some side effects.

It actually gave me a temporary relief at first, and maintain the blood pressure to certain level until the day I had an attack.

On this very day, I was in holdup around Baji while heading back home from church then I just noticed that I could not breath properly.

I was admitted for weeks and was discharged when my situaton improved

My body’s cholesterol was extremely high too

I was placed on medication and adviced to adhere to certain lifestyle.

I did not see any effect despite following the advice and medication strictly.

I tried herbal remedies, I tried exercise, I tried dieting, I tried very expensive medications I got from different hospitals, ALL DIDN’T WORK.

I spent thousands of naira on medications I saw online too, both cheap and costly ones.

All promised to solve my problem but none was effective.

There was even one that I had to boil tea and drink but still I did not see any improvement.

I still could not move my left hand and leg properly

We spent approximately nine hundred and forty thousand naira on all of these, but my health was moving from bad to worse.

I was already lossing the battle against High Blood Pressure.

The most painful thing for me was the fact that I was having chronic headache and could not move around well.

My wife and children were trying hard to get me different medications that can help my situation.

At a point, I felt like dying because the pain was too much.

I decided to stop wasting money since the medications weren’t working.

But everything changed the day I came across a Facebook post that talked about ‘Brahmi Shakti Scientifically Formulated Blood Pressure Formula’

A solution that has helped countless number of people to reverse their High Blood Pressure.

At first, I was sceptical about the video while watching it but my wife told me that we have nothing to lose and that we should give it a trial.

She clicked the link, placed an order and soon I began taking the medication.

After 2 weeks of following the instructions in the video, I wasn’t seeing much change apart from my headache reducing alittle.

I was abit discouraged because I’ve experienced this before, spending money on different medictions but seeing no effect.

But in this, case my wife kept encouraging me to keep using it since it was stated in the video that firstly, total reversal is within 90 days.

Secondly, the mode of action of the treatment is that it tries to repair the already dysfunctional or faulty organs like the artries that lead to the blood pressure increasing.

Ideally and also according to the video, the repair is not something that will happen overnight.

So I kept on using it.

The surprising thing is that it wasn’t even up to 90 days for me to start seeing complete turnover.

Around the 4th week of usage, I noticed that I could move my left hand abit.

This was an encouragement so I kept on using the treatment.

Well all I can say now is, in less than 90 days using the special combination that video talked about.

I am now completely free of High Blood Pressure.

My Blood Pressure is now ranging from 114/68 mmHg – 126/75 mmHg mostly

I can do some basic things on my own, I am not feeling the headache again like I used to, the breathing has improved.

Although I still had to visit my Doctor friend for confirmation and he ran some tests on me and confirmed that I was High Blood Pressure FREE

The joy I felt that day was out of this world.

Is your story similar to mine?

Do you want to be High Blood Pressure FREE?

Do you want to regain your health again?

Do you want to stay alive without pains?

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